Use iPhone for portable hard disk

iPhone is one of the superior portable devices. This is based on advanced technologies. The iPhone has numerous latest functions which make enforce user’s to choose only iPhone for himself. Now as you use an iPhone, you better know that you can use it for saving music, videos and pictures and besides that you can also make its use as a portable hard disk. A user can transfer files by drag and drop in simple ways. As iPhone is such a gadget that you can carry anywhere with you, so iPhone can become a portable hard disk.

As iPhone can be attached with your Computer or any other device, this is a movable gadget.
There is a portable program which can be attached with your email program, your browser, system recovery tools or even an operating system. In the process of transferring the data, your other personal data is also kept saved. User’s can efficiently make use of iPhone for portable hard disk. This supports all types of iPhone as iPhone 3G, iPhone firmware 2.x.


Your iPhone can be efficiently managed as Hard Disk by opening your iPhone with Window Explorer. User’s can easily recognize their iPhone by seeing the information about your iPhone such as device picture, type, capacity, version number, serial number and format, will be displayed on the program's main interface. You can use iPhone as a portable hard disk, but for efficient transfer there are several applications that make you allow for copying the files. You can customize your iPhone to connect it to the desktop and than you can copy files to or from your iPhone.

The iPhone can be used as hard disk, which refers that you can drag and drop the files and use it like any removable and portable hard disk. This is good feature for backing up the data and transferring bulk files to another device. Proficiently make use of iPhone for portable hard disk.

User Guide

Step One
Connect iPhone to PC after installing iphone backup software.The software will detect and show the list of files from the iPhone.

Step Two
Choose the files for taking backup and click on export button.

Step Three
Now choose from either backup from iPhone to computer or iTunes directly.

Step Four
After this Pop window will open displaying message "export finished" after which you can see it from the location stored in.


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