How to transfer contacts from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4G?

These day’s many new innovation are archived and due to this reason the user tries to use one of the latest gadget. Similar is the case with iPhone as now iPhone 3G is no more multi functional tool, no longer a phone for you after the launch of iPhone 4G. And due to this reason user want to shift from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4G. For this it becomes important for them to transfer contacts from iPhone 3g to iPhone 4g. But unfortunately the iTunes does not have the ability to transfer iPhone contacts to PC.


From here user starts getting problems in the as how to transfer contacts from iPhone 3G to PC and then from PC to iPhone 4G. For this user will have to go for third party application known as iPhone File Transfer this will help you to contacts easily.

So to transfer contacts from iPhone 3g to iPhone 4g you will have to first transfer contacts from iPhone 3G to PC and then from PC to iPhone 4G.

Part 1: At first follow the instructions to transfer contacts from Apple iPhone 3G to PC as directed below:

  • Download and install iPhone File Transfer application and then install it.
  • Then connect your iPhone 3G to PC and simply launch the application.
  • Then click “copy” button in either single contact or all contacts interface.
  • Note: There are two options available to transfer the contacts: a) you can transfer all the contacts or b) Transfer only single contacts
  • After this it is important to choose the file type and file path. The file type can be in TXT, ANTC or CSV format but to transfer or restore the contact again from PC to iPhone 4G. It is important to save the contacts in CSV file format.
  • At last OK button to finish

Part 2: Transfer contacts from PC to iPhone 4G

  • Click on start button-All Programs-Accessories and then click to open Address Book.
  • Then in the Address Book click on Import- other address book and select the Text File that is separated by comma, and simply click on Import then browse the CSV file and click Next button to Map the fields to import and at last click on Finish button. After this you have successfully imported contacts to PC Address Book.
  • Then open iTunes and connect iPhone 4G and click to select iPhone on iTunes and in contact section sync contacts with PC Address Book and click to apply it on iPhone 3g.

After following these steps you can simply use the information on iPhone 4g.


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