Easily Resolve iPhone Unknown Error 28

While trying to restore or update your iPhone by using iTunes, if your receiving the error message, stating that:

  • "The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (28)."

There are many reasons due which users becomes unable to restore their iPhone. For the restoration of iPhone without getting the error message as mentioned above, you should have a backup copy of the iPhone content before proceeding. Backup get created every time when you update your iTunes , sync your iPhone by using iTunes and restore your iPhone as iTunes ask for a backup before the process of restore starts.


iPhone restoration procedure restores text messages (sms), email settings, call history, notes, contacts, calendars, widget settings, sound settings, network settings, photos in addition to that applications like games, apps, etc bought from iTunes store. If you're not able to restore iPhone, you need to perform either try to restore iPhone in recovery mode initially or un-install iTunes completely and reinstall it.

One of the very common reasons for the appearance of error is hardware issues like it could be problem in iPhone dock connector and it would be better to change it fix unknown error 28. You should also check system requirements and verify whether the iTunes application is not obsolete. If the updated version is not installed then download and install it and check if error is resolved. It is also required to examine that Operating System that you are making use to transfer iPhone data has recently updated.

Although, if iPhone unknown error 28 is not resolved even after applying the aforesaid tips then, it signifies that iTunes is incapable to execute properly and to create backup of iPhone contents. By sensing the gravity of situation like this, you can make use of an efficient and stable third party iPhone transfer file utility that can easily transfer the entire data saved in your iPhone.


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