Enhance the functionality of iPhone!

iPhone lovely elegant device which give you a high vigorous feeling. With iPhone anything is now possible to you on the way. Easy to carry iPhone is another kind of laptop for you. It is a true combination of camera, mobile and laptop. It ease your a lot of work. Use of iPhone is not only the state symbol but it has so functionalities that attract you in a once. It has many whiz features but somewhere it has limitation too.

iPhone support a different file format and when you try to play different then that then iPhone will not allow to do so. Like when you want to play your favorite DVD on iPhone, you will not be succeeded in it. The reason behind that is DVD has different video file format then the file format which is supported by iPhone. To solve this or to add some extra functionality in iPhone, we have iPhone file transfer software.

iPhone file transfer software is an ultimate tool which make iPhone more than this. iPhone file transfer is a third party software for iPhone. With the help of this software you will be able to transfer DVD video to your iPhone. Software changes the different file format to file format supported by iPhone. Enhance the capability of your iPhone with the use iPhone file transfer in term of playing or storing any thing.


Features of iPhone File Transfer Software:

  1. DVD to iPhone file transfer: It is software which helps you in transferring DVD file format (VOB file) to iPhone playable format (mp4). You can now play all the content of your DVD.
  2. iPhone Video file transfer: This software helps you in transferring all popular video format ( AVI, ASF, MPEG, MPG etc) to iPhone file format (mp4, H.264). Transfer your audio/video data to your iPhone. You can watch your all favorite video in iPhone.
  3. iPhone Movie file transfer: It helps in putting your favorite movie on your iPhone, which generally not supported by iPhone by transferring the file format to iPhone supported file format. Watch your favorite movie on iPhone.
  4. iPhone Copy Software: Copy /backup your all iPhone data with the help of this software.
  5. iPhone to computer Transfer: put your iPhone data (photos, video etc ) safely on your PC for ever through this software.
  6. WMV to iPhone transfer: Transfer your window media player saved video/audio song to your iPhone.
  7. DivX to iPhone transfer: Transfer DivX format (video like mp3[compressed]) in your iPhone and add function like editing your video.
  8. iPhone file ripper: Rip different file on your iPhone easily.
  9. iPhone SMS transfer: Transfer your iPhone’s SMS on your P.C. or computer.
  10. iPhone Photo transfer: Transfer photo/image from iPhone to P.C or computer and from P.C or computer to iPhone.
  11. Google video to iPhone transfer: Transfer Google video (you tube) to iPhone.
  12. iPhone Contact transfer: You can transfer your iPhone contact to your P.C or Computer.
  13. Beginner or professional can precede the transfer process very easily.
  14. Easy user interface of the software help you in iPhone file transfer.

Now abolish the restriction of iPhone with the help of iPhone file transfer software. Watch your favorite movie on your iPhone on the way. Excite yourself in the new way. Transfer easily all different file to your iPhone.

User Guide

Step One
Connect iPhone to PC after installing iphone backup software.The software will detect and show the list of files from the iPhone.

Step Two
Choose the files for taking backup and click on export button.

Step Three
Now choose from either backup from iPhone to computer or iTunes directly.

Step Four
After this Pop window will open displaying message "export finished" after which you can see it from the location stored in.


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